The old quarter

Alde Zaharra

Due to several fires that devastated the town, only a few of the original medieval buildings in Ondarroa´s historic quarter remain. The worse fire was in 1794, when over one hundred buildings were lost. However, the town preserves its original  layout, with Erribera, Kale Handi and Agirre´tar Txomin streets converging, fan-like, on Santa María Church. The old walls that once surrounded the town have also disappeared.

Today, the houses are still clustered together on deep, narrow plots and retain the ancient pattern of Gothic town planning. Set on steep terrain, they are built in tiers, in such a way that the front of a house may have six floors, while there are only two at the back.

In 1994, the Basque government declared Ondarroa´s old quarter Cultural Property, with the category of a Monument Site.