Route 1

Our route begins at the bus stop on ltsas Aurre Street, in Ondarroa. From there, we will towards the centre of town and follow the river, leaving Zubi Zaharra behind. We cross the bridge and continue.

About 200 m., the path begins to climb. We will pass a plantation of pine-trees and the Zaldu River and arrive at a crossroads where we will take the path to our left. The path leads to another crossroads where information boards that indicate where are the chapel of Santikuruz, and Ondarroa and Gorozika. From this point, the baserriak or farmhouses Iramategi Bekoa and Goikoa.


Route 2

We come to a signpost that points to the right so we will head in that direction towards the village of Gorozika. Half way along the path, we will see the Mokao farmhouse. We pass it on our right and continue until we come to the information panel at the entrance to Gorozika.


Route 2

Gorozika, located on a rise, belongs to the town of Ondarroa. It is a farming village, with a number of historical buildings of great artistic and ethnographic value. Gorozika is one of the few villages in Biscay that still has a group of popular Gothic buildings, comprising the San Juan Hermitage and the Antzone and Gozizko farmhouses. The buildings are all late fifteenth century.

Route 2

After looking at the rich heritage that is preserved in this village, we will return along the same path until we come to the signposts pointing to Santikurutz.


Route 3

From the crossroads, we will go straight ahead towards Santikurutz until we come to the first crossroads. Here we will stop at a small lookout from which we can enjoy an incomparable view over the town of Ondarroa.

Route 3

We will continue our route until we come to a turn-off. We will take the dirt road to the left until we come to the link with GR-123. Here we have to climb over the small fence that encloses the field where the Santikurutz Hermitage stands.

From the Hermitage, we take the Stations of the Cross, go through a small beech woods, and arrive at the Burgoa farmhouse. We descend along the same path until we come to the coast road that links Ondarroa and Mutriku. We will head towards Ondarroa until we come to Astilleru Street.


We will follow this street until we come to the bridge, cross it, and continue along it until we come to Erribera Street. We go up Erribera until we come to Kale Handi and next, to Pedro M Unanue Square. Next, we will take Txomin Agirre Street until we come to Bide Zaharra and go up it until we come to a crossroads.

After looking out over the stunning view, we will turn back along ti same road until we come to the crossroads again. Now we will continue our way along the narrow path that climbs to the left until we come another crossroads, where we will go straight ahead. Finally, at the ne fork in the road, we will turn right and continue until we come to V Santa Clara Hermitage.

Route 4 Route 4 Route 4